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In MBM Dagang, a key point for the busines is stated on production capabilities. With more than a decade, MBM Dagang has been transforming business and organisations by providing comprehensive embroideries and workwear solutions in Malaysia. As first of the leading fire retardant manufacturer (in Malaysia), MBM Dagang has managed to sucessfully deliver mission corporate projects for both the public and private sectors. Through our people, our endavour and our creative solutions, we have achieved excellence because of our commitment to the stakeholders. This is a testament of our passion to go the extra mile.

MBM Dagang has more than 80 highly dedicated and proffesional personnel with the right competencies to deliver end-to-end mission-critical solutions domestically. We take pride in building a "culture of excellence" through the continuos investment in human capital development. We hold fast to grow with our partners through co-existence, nurtuing and strengthening each other.